Yo, what's up? I am Modesta Zemgulyte, a young creative based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I draw, design and animate things for a living. Currently @ The Economist. I am open for commisions, feel free to contact me or just say hello at hey.zemgulyte@gmail.com

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Objects with stories

"The thing about things is that they can start meaning things nobody actually said." Ask anybody about the most meaningful object he owns, and you’re sure to get a story. Usually, the story is much more important than the object itself. "Objects with Stories" is a short film about losing and learning to let go things that matter to us the most.

Festival selections:
BLON Animation and Games Festival, Lithuania, 2019
Lift-Off Sessions May, United Kingdom, 2019
Animex Awards, United Kingdom, 2019
TimeShare: A Night of Screenings, United States, 2019
Lisbon Film Rendezvous, Portugal, 2019
Soo Film Festival, United States, 2019
2ANNAS Film Festival, Latvia, 2019

Young Designer Prize, Lithuania, 2018

Concept, illustration, animation and storytelling by Modesta Žemgulytė
Sound editing by Dominykas Zalieckas
Subtitles by Karolina Jenciūtė
Supervisor: Marius Žalneravičius