A multidisciplinary creative based in Lithuania. Currently open for freelance work. Previously at The Economist, Brokoli Network, Fortitude Partners and The Wild Honey Pie.

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Objects with stories

The thing about things is that they can start meaning things nobody actually said.

Concept, illustration, animation and storytelling
What objects do we value the most? Why do we get so attached to ordinary inanimate objects? And why sometimes it is so hard to let go of certain stuff? The universe is made of stories, not of atoms — poet Muriel Rukeyser has once said. Ask anybody about the most meaningful object he owns, and you’re sure to get a story. Usually, the story is much more important than the object itself.
Festival selections: BLON Animation and Games Festival (Lithuania, 2019), Lift-Off Sessions May (United Kingdom, 2019), Animex Awards (United Kingdom, 2019), TimeShare: A Night of Screenings (United States, 2019), Lisbon Film Rendezvous (Portugal, 2019), Soo Film Festival (United States, 2019), 2ANNAS Film Festival (Latvia, 2019)

Awards: Young Designer Prize (Lithuania, 2018)


The idea was to give extreme attention on certain objects. Each object is presented as if it was a part of a museum exhibition. The purpose was to imitate hanging swings as a hint to childhood. These hanging plates presented 8 authentic objects that my dad once owned: red little box, a notebook, driver's license, a float bob, CD, VHS cassette, jeans tag, flight ticket. Each object calls out a memory or was a part of my dad's identity — represents the hobbies, activities and skills he had. One part of the exposition was intentionally left empty – the most important object has been lost.