Hi! I am a creative specialising in digital design, illustration and storytelling. Always up to new challenges, keen to learn and never afraid to ask stupid questions. Previously at The Economist, Brokoli Network, Fortitude Partners and The Wild Honey Pie.

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Works for The Wild Honey Pie

Back in 2017 I went to USA and had an amazing summer internship as a Visual Designer at The Wild Honey Pie—a Brooklyn-based music discovery platform that hosts a range of events that promote musicians, art & food. Later on after my internship I have been working as an Illustrator/Designer with the WHP remotely. Here are some of my favourite things we made together with the team throughout the years.

Welcome Campers '19

Welcome Campers expands the boundaries of what it means to be a music festival and allows campers an experience unlike any other. It is an annual event for adults organized by The Wild Honey Pie. The festival comes with a statement—for the kid in all of us—and so do the graphics. Hand-drawn, funky, childish, bright, and positive branding reflects the fun you experience in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. And believe me, it is hella fun.
Illustration, frame-by-frame animation, festival identity

Chicks Snacks

Chicks Snacks is The Wild Honey Pie's sister company that makes delicious vegan treats in Austin. I have worked on their visual identity.
Visual identity, illustration
Team: Chandler Subra, Eric Weiner

Bits & pieces

Bellow are some other pieces I love that include event graphics, playlist cover art and assets for social media.