Hi! I am a creative graphic designer with a focus on digital design, illustration, and motion graphics. I'm always up to new challenges, keen to learn, and never shy away from asking those "stupid" questions.

Previously at The Economist, Brokoli Network, Argyle and The Wild Honey Pie.

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Marketing design at Argyle

digital design, motion graphics
Team: Siarhei Stashkevich, Jekaterina Budryte

In the first six months of 2022, I held the position of Marketing Designer at Argyle, which is a platform providing real-time income data services. Argyle enables users to link their employment records to businesses' applications and websites. During my time at Argyle, we launched several animated marketing campaigns, revamped the company's blog with animated images and Jekaterina's illustrations, improved the design of presentation materials, and enhanced the quality of infographics.